Gratitude and wellbeing

Join Kev Wyke on an appreciative wellbeing wander with the theme of Gratitude.

There is plenty of good research into the positive effects of gratitude, how it is associated very strongly with greater happiness, noticing and feeling more positive emotions, dealing with adversity and building stronger relationships. So what are you waiting for? Use the video for some inspiration and download the podcast if you want a guide to help you.

You only need 15 minutes to:

  • Break away from your screens
  • Do something for your wellbeing and
  • Give yourself some time to think outside the door


Gratitude is both an emotion that we can experience and a trait that we can develop and there are plenty of good simple exercises that we can try from writing someone a thank you note to keeping a gratitude journal. "3 Good Things" is mentioned as an exercise in the video and podcast and while we are not sure of its origin, if you google it there are loads of references to it but we first came across it on Twitter a good few years ago, either from @sukhpabial or @kingfishercoach or both.

Links & references

Here are a couple of good overview articles about the benefits of gratitude.

Enjoy your wandering and let us know how you get on.