Unlocking Hidden Capabilities #cipd15

New Zealand

Paul Matthews has quite a background story, multiple times crossing Sahara and crossing Himalayas to pick a couple of highlights. As far as I know he hasn’t played rugby but he did mention his nation’s win in the rugby world cup. He’s on twitter too.

Hidden Capabilities

If we have got hidden capabilities, what’s hiding them? and the answer is probably the Performance Management process itself.

This is a theme now from a couple of talks – so when an org spends 2million man hours on the performance management process are they really getting value.

What is performance?
It has 4 key elements

1, Performer

  • Knowledge – the stuff you need to be able to recall
  • Skills – something we can repeat again and again
  • Attitude – our transient motivation
  • Physiology

2, Environment that wraps around the performer – is the environment competent? This has a bigger impact on the performers ability to get the job done. It includes tools, incentives, management etc.

3, Capability
4, Performance

Developing a diagnostic tool

enter image description here

Applying an Ishikawa diagram to the 4 elements gives a diagnostic tool to identify what is going on when someone doesn’t perform.

And there were free books too 🙂

enter image description here

Live blogged from #CIPD15 so there will be lots of typos and only a little sense – and that’s my fault not the speaker’s.

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