Tardis Strategy Session

tardisLast week included a half day working with the great North West People in Research Forum Executive team. About 3 years ago I helped them think about their strategy and it was time to think again about what the future might hold for them.

Half a day isn’t a long time, so it was really fortunate that I brought a handy Tardis with me, you can get so much more done in half a day when you have access to a time travel machine.

The fickle Tardis took us on an exploration to 2020 of NWPiR’s hugely successful future, letting us discover the brilliant impact they had made and to find out just how they had made it happen, which certainly saved time.

It is sometimes hard to imagine the future we really want, especially when we know there is are obstacles and difficulties around every corner. Sometimes you need to go to the future and explore it, remember how great it is going to be and remind yourself that you can do it. Having a time machine helps.

The team have already got to work on making their future a reality, the storify of the day is here

And a time bending time-lapse of the journey in action is here too

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