Street Wisdom Leeds

Street Wisdom Leeds

street wisdom umbrella and a lion

How else would you spend your Saturday morning? Today 7 brave souls met in the middle of an autumnal Leeds city centre to embark on a quest of discovery…and fortitude in the face of some ‘interesting’ weather.

Street Wisdom gives us a chance to take some time to to find a new perspective, to get some answers, to give us some new insight into any question we might choose to wander with. It uses the street as our unseen university, providing inspiration and answers in the most unlikely places.

What happened

We met on the steps of Leeds Town Hall, starting our quest alongside the Saturday weddings beginning a (hopefully) longer journey with transportation that included a vintage car, a stretch limo and a VW camper van.
The weather did it’s bit by providing the added stimulus of chilly rain and a fine breeze, or was it fine rain and a chilly breeze? Anyway it was enough to sharpen senses and keep us wide awake.

What did we learn

This is some of the wisdom I heard, there was lots more too…

  • There is real value in slowing down, when we do we pay more
    attention, we notice, we can spot things that are important to us.

  • The answers are often already inside us, we just need to give
    ourselves a chance to look.

  • Leeds has a connection with owls, they are everywhere if you look hard enough. We had a whole load of theories about why this might be, the deep significance and symbolism that it represented. The answer might be much more mundane than all our theories and is probably just that John Savile fancied an owl or two on his coat of arms. Thanks to twitter mate @mikechitty for the local knowledge.

  • So we learnt that sometimes things are just what they appear to be

  • Things that are shiny are attractive (thanks Oliver)

  • We shouldn’t forget the dreams we had for ourselves and we need to give ourselves space and time to reconnect with them.

  • Our connection with where we live and work has a bigger effect on how good we feel than we often give credit.

  • We should value what others see in us, like we value the things we
    see in them.

  • We shouldn’t wait until things are perfect…JFDI.

  • there is a skill to getting lost

how to get lost

The quest ended with coffee in the Leeds Art Gallery Cafe, worth popping in to if you want some space, time and inspiration.

Valuable and thought provoking time well spent were the overall feelings, there will be more Street Wisdom happening somewhere near you sometime. And if there isn’t just ask some of the gang to see if they can put an event on in your back yard.


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