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Really short post from #HospitalFutures event today

I’ve not seen Prof Andy Miah talk before, but he is a bit ace (and should have had a bit more time on the platform today IMHO).

He had some really interesting points about the data that already exists that has utility for our health benefit and he highlighted this with the possible use of data that Spotify has on our mood (you tell it every time you pick one of those mood based playlists) and there are loads of other apps we give data and clues about our health to.

This all sounds really exciting but we are also heading for a big problem, the same problem you have when you want to move from Apple to Android…your data is locked in and you don’t own it. You are basically at the whim of Spotify if you want your health data and good luck if you want to get to it easily.

Our data might useful when it is looked after by the likes of Spotify, however it is potentially much more useful if it can be easily combined with data from Facebook, Google, the NHS etc. etc. and shared openly for the common good. We are a long way from being able to do that.

Live blogged from The Future of Hospitals

Photo reference Jergen Appelo

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