Leap Day

Josh showing what leaping really is

The wonderful Doug Shaw asked me about the impact of the early iteration of his Art for Works sake workshop that I experienced 3 and a bit years ago (was it that long), on Leap Day 2012. This is my v. quick response

“How did it make you feel? In what way (if any) does it resonate with you currently?”

Leapday had a big impact on me, it came at an important crossroads in my life/career and marked a watershed in how I thought about my work future. I wasn’t sure if I was even going to go in to the cafe to begin with (and walked past the door at least twice). I’m glad I did cross the threshold though becuase the opprtunity to spend some time with people talking, drawing and painting had a massive impact. Practically it gave me an opportunity to explore the new road ahead (although at the time I’m not sure I knew that was what I was doing) it connected me beautifully with a group who I only vaguely knew and gave me a safe space and a whole new vocabulary to learn about myself and the people I was spending time with.

It absolutely resonates today for me. It reminds me constantly that in the work that I do the experience that people have and their chance to explore that experience in conversation with others is more important than content. It was the start of some great friendships that have endured and have helped me to think about things in a very different way. It’s fair to say it came at the right time for me, but it was also the right thing to do to help me think deeply about where I wanted to be.

It is still an event that I think about frequently and more importantly Leap Further was conceived on that day.

Thanks Doug

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  1. Doug · 16 November, 2015 Reply

    Hi Kev

    Thanks for your kind words and encouragement. Leap Day 2016 is coming around and I plan to put on another one off event for you and anyone else who may be interested.

    Cheers – Doug

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