Driving Culture Change

3 is the magic number #cipd15

de la soul

There is a good bit of talking about belonging and not belonging, the tribes that existed and this being a starting point for a viral change programme.

1, Ask a different question

Culture starts with us, our thinking drives behaviour and that drives results

2, Challenge yourself to think differently

Talk to people you don’t normally talk to, when told you can’t, ask what you can do instead.

3, Make tech your King

…and data your queen
Using technology to drive change including events lke hackathons and harnessing the power of the crowd .

Steve Foster – ex of Transport for London

What is effective culture? Steve thinks the most important measure is the difference between say and do is crucial.

Interesting challenge, is culture the end game or a by-product or a red herring.? The processes we put in place are often what leads and directs culture rather than the other way round so make sure you are working on the right stuff.

Tips from Steve
(I’m gonna have to follow some of these up ‘cos I didn’t catch all the detail.)

  • Know your methodology, use an approach or develop one
  • Beware of hippos (from Eric Shmidt)
  • Consider yourself a monkey (Curious George)

Being a trusted partner

  • I am trusted
    • credibility
    • reliability
    • Intimacy
  • I’m professional – I know my stuff
  • I’m a partner and I know the business

Practical stuff to do

enter image description here

Take home challenges (that resonate with lots I have heard before)

  1. Have Fun
  2. Just do it
  3. Emotionally not rationally

And finally Helen let us know that Hipster culture is dead and Lad culture is on its way back


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