Culture is the Future of Hospitals

behaviours are key

Future of Hospitals

I’m at The Future of Hospitals conference today (thanks @stickythinker) listening to Raj Jain from @SalfordRoyalNHS.

Raj outlined the problem:

  • Too much variation
  • Too many decision makers
  • Command and control
  • Fragmented providers

Ant then he came to the solution:

What was really interesting to me wasn’t the whizzy tech, data and analytics based stuff he presented (that included amazing predictive analytic model that give more than a glimpse into the future allowing hospitals time to react to ebbs and flows.) As Raj himself said this stuff isn’t rocket science, the technology exists and the analytics exist, Salford’s innovation is to put it into practice as the whole system scale.

No, what was interesting was something Raj said at the end of his presentation – I’ll paraphrase (because I can’t recall his exact words)

If you don’t have the culture right it doesn’t matter what IT/data systems you have in place.

What he said must be in place for transformation at scale are ‘Purpose’, ‘Mindset’ and ‘Behaviour’. And Just look at the size of the ‘behaviour’ bubble on his slide above.

I think we often find a tech or process solution and try to apply it without paying anything like enough attention to the cultural aspects.

It’s an old adage, but I think it applies

Culture eats strategy for breakfast

Our attention might be drawn to the fancy whizzy tech solution with its alluring promise of more insight and more effective use of capacity but if we don’t focus on the human stuff, how we have real conversations together, how we collaborate together, how we build the culture around us, if we don’t pay attention to that then digital systems won’t really make a difference.

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