CIPD15 Day 1 reflections

What am I taking away from day 1? More than just cupcakes I’m sure.

Its all about cupcakes

It’s the start of day 2 of the #CIPD15 conference and I’m feeling like I need to process some of the stuff that has been jammed into my head over the last 24 hours. It has been a very different experience at the conference this year, I usually have a fairly relaxed approach, I attend the exhibition (which is free), catch some of the learning sessions (which are free), have some chats (which are free – there is a theme here) and drink some beer. I can usually dip in and out as the mood takes me.

This year I have been really fortunate to be part of the #blogsquad supporting the conference with some tweeting, blogging and generally making some noise on social media. It has meant I have had access to the big speakers and the headline presentations (which aren’t free), which has been great.

It’s also given me a real challenge…

It is really difficult to listen, to process, to learn, to blog and to tweet all at the same. My live blogs have been a stream of thoughts, ideas, highlights from the speakers but they have not had very much insight, opinion or comment from me. I’m cutting myself some slack and saying that is OK, but I do need to give myself some time to reflect on the stuff I’ve heard and to figure out how it might change my practice. I’ll need to put some actual time aside to do this otherwise the Tsunami of work may wash the chance away.

Conversations are still my number 1 way of learning and there have been less chances for conversations in the rush of getting to lots of sessions and capturing the main points. The post day 1 social events gave me a chance to have some brilliant chats about the things we had heard, to play with ideas, to test them out, to rip them up and put them back together in a form that makes sense to me. I need to make sure I still have time for those chats.

A bit of structure never hurt anyone Even though I default to a bit of an organic approach, learning probably needs a bit more structure and planning. I’m getting more from this conference than any I’ve been to in the last couple of years, even if I don’t actually know what it is I’m actually learning yet.

Live blogs are good for notes for me and probably less good for readers to read – apologies. There will be more today.

So I’m going to set myself some time to go through #CIPD15 again, and figure out what it means to me! And make sure I take home more than just cupcakes!

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