#CIPD15 – curated

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All the stuff in one place – well, not quite, but a collection of the things I may want to revisit and find again.

I spent 2 days at #CIPD15 tweeting and blogging with the CIPD #blogsquad. It was quite an intense experience, one which I haven’t yet fully reflected on. There has been loads of content produced so I’m going to try and capture the bits I’m interested in returning to here, mainly for my own convenience, and perhaps for your too.

My Blogs

I managed to write nine posts in the two days, mainly live during sessions, whilst tweeting a bit too. Live blogging forced me to focus on record things rather than analysing things, to such an extent that I couldn’t actually remember what I’d heard or written after the first 2 sessions. It became easier over the 2 days and the blogs are definitely a useful record and reminder to go back to, just don’t expect any wonderful insight…yet.

Other stuff

All the presentations – well all the ones where presenters were happy to share their presentations with CIPD anyway. I’ve no idea how long CIPD will keep this page live so download now whilst you can.

Tim Scott had a play with Periscope this year, really effective.

All the #blogsquad stuff

Ian Pettigrew curated a great storify containing all the blogsquads whittering. There is loads.

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